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The youth who had participated in the HIV/AIDS and Life-skills training went forth as ambassadors to the youth of Rooigrond. They eagerly shared what they had learnt with others and continue trying to apply it to their own lives as well. This coupled with the sense of achievement stirred up in them at the ‘Graduation’ ceremony, in which they received their certificates, created the need to do it again.

Once more, the Southern Cross Capacitating Corporation heeded our call and trained 30 more youths, who also passed the training course with flying colours and were awarded their certificates in a beautiful ceremony on the 12th December 2010. Once again, youth had been empowered not only with knowledge, but also with a sense of achievement and self-determination. It was wonderful to witness how this empowerment effort affected so much more than teaching the youth about responsible behaviour, it reached right to their self-esteem and had a general positive effect on the community, also inspiring the youth to get more active in community affairs.

The training course was a worthwhile endeavour, but we never even imagined what would come out of it in months to come- the extent to which the youth had been inspired…