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Golden Stars F.C. turned a year old on the 29th November 2010. What finer way to honour these fine young men, than to publicly acknowledge the positive impact they had made in the community, as well as their dedication and loyalty to the team, despite difficult circumstances.

An Award Ceremony and 1st Year Anniversary Celebration was hosted on the 27th November 2010. This served to encourage the team and to let them know that their great efforts were not unnoticed.

Through the kindness and generosity of On Point Graphics, ABI (Rustenburg), Mafikeng Spar, Carrot King, members of the Rooigrond community and Nadia Petersen, as well as Waseema Petersen and Samantha Smith, who once more gave up their time to celebrate with us and make the day even more special.

This event went a long way in ensuring that the team’s great efforts are recognised and the sense of achievement, that came along with it, left the team ready to continue their journey of creating a legacy for the youth of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement area.

“How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it”~ George Elliston

The 24th of November 2010, was a day that not only clothed 30 children, but ensured that also proved that kindness does indeed have far reaching consequences, that go beyond what words could ever possibly describe. It was a day of nothing but joy, in the village of Rooigrond.

Project: LAYLA, which aims to get people to donate an item of clothing personalised with a note, has the motto, “…A little kindness goes a long way…”, under the administration of Operation Blanket, a Mafikeng based NGO lived up to it’s motto on this special day.

It was on this day, Project: LAYLA’s 2nd Anniversary that, 30 learners at the Rooigrond Early Learning Centre received ‘kindness parcels’ and had what would turn out to be a very enjoyable day.

The day started off with the kiddies playing party games with Samantha Smith and Waseema Petersen, two youths who kindly gave up their time to make the day extra special for the kiddies. This was followed by lunch, courtesy of MeatSA (Mafikeng) which the kiddies enjoyed tremendously, before cake cutting time, all thanks to the Project: LAYLA Project Co-ordinator- Nadia Petersen.

The highlight of the day, however, was when Tolamoetlile Kgobokoe, handed out ‘kindness parcels’ to all. Each child received a parcel filled with clothes, to ensure that not being clothed was not a hindrance to them receiving an early education. The Rooigrond Early Learning Centre itself, was also a benefactor. With the teacher, Maserame Setlhoko, accepting a goody bag-with things meant to make the kiddies day more pleasant.

The day was blessed indeed, all because of the kindness of others. Project: LAYLA and Operation Blanket ensured that the kindness of others, reached those who need it most, the innocents of this world- children.

There is nothing worse, than looking a hungry child in the eye and not being able to feed them. It kills a part of the soul and no-one should ever have to experience that. However, in October 2010, we did. As a part of our operations, we run a Daily Feeding Program in Rooigrond- which at the time catered for 483 children.

The village has two engine enabled water pumps, which serve the entire village. In October 2010, the engines broke down, with fruitless attempts in fixing it. The village was distraught, as this meant there was no water to drink, wash and even to cook for their families. Over and above that, we had no water with which to cook for the beneficiaries of our Daily Feeding Program, we were devastated.

However, means were made to communicate our problem with an associate, Nadia Petersen, who responded to this by sending out a public SOS. Within a short time, Marius Du Toit, the owner of a property in the vicinity responded with a generous offer of water. Such kindness and generosity was very welcome and that same day, 110 litres of water were collected from his property. The children could eat once more.

It is unthinkable that out here in the world, we still have people going hungry due to a lack of what is a ‘natural resource’. A very sad reality that we have come face to face with on more than one occasion. As sad as this is, it has to be said that the kindness through which this can be overcome, is beautiful to witness. We’ve been shown this kindness on more than one occasion by the very same Marius Du Toit and the generous folk of Westgate. It goes beyond what words could ever express and imprints itself deeply to the soul.

This kindness, shows the truth in our motto, indeed “together, we can overcome…”