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Imagine waking up to the sounds of heavy rain falling against your home and accompanied by terrible lightning, thunder and wind. Whilst listening to it, your roof flies. All you can do is grab your children and lay low, lest the flying corrugated iron sheets that are flying around hurt anyone. You watch helplessly as everything you own is swept away. As the water rises, you realise the need to flee your home. Sounds like something from a nightmare, right…? Well, it was a reality experienced by 40 families in the Rooigrond Informal Settlement.

Earlier in the year, at 23h00 we heard a knock at the door. It came as a suprise since there was very heavy rainfall outside and we opened to find a woman and her 3 soaking wet kids. As they entered we heard the chilling tale of how their shack was swept away by the rain. As we got the children dry and into fresh clothes, more knocks came from the door. We all moved to the Early Learning Centre, as that was the only place that could accommodate everyone.

In that single night, 40 families had lost everything. We sent out SOS messages immediately. The following day, the community came together and assisted to rebuild the shacks which were destroyed. Poles & corrugated iron sheets which had been swept away by the water were found and reused.

The Lutheran Ladies of Lomanyaneng, who had also received a SOS alert were quick to respond and on the 06th January 2011, we successfully co-ordinated an outreach for them in which they gathered in Rooigrond bringing along with them much needed clothes and food for the affected families.

Once more, the kindness of others helped us pull through tough times…


With the fine young men making up the Golden Stars F.C team honoured, their journey in inspiring and creating a legacy for the youth of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement continued.

Challenges continued to be bravely faced, till light showed itself in the form of an act of kindness from Bonds Sports and Leisure, in the form of sponsorship for a new kit and ball. Through this act of kindness, our boys were once more ready to face the world and continue their journey of creating a legacy for the youth of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement Area.

The hope that a single act of kindness and generosity can bring, is very remarkable, hence the ability of kindness to change the world.

There is nothing worse, than looking a hungry child in the eye and not being able to feed them. It kills a part of the soul and no-one should ever have to experience that. However, in October 2010, we did. As a part of our operations, we run a Daily Feeding Program in Rooigrond- which at the time catered for 483 children.

The village has two engine enabled water pumps, which serve the entire village. In October 2010, the engines broke down, with fruitless attempts in fixing it. The village was distraught, as this meant there was no water to drink, wash and even to cook for their families. Over and above that, we had no water with which to cook for the beneficiaries of our Daily Feeding Program, we were devastated.

However, means were made to communicate our problem with an associate, Nadia Petersen, who responded to this by sending out a public SOS. Within a short time, Marius Du Toit, the owner of a property in the vicinity responded with a generous offer of water. Such kindness and generosity was very welcome and that same day, 110 litres of water were collected from his property. The children could eat once more.

It is unthinkable that out here in the world, we still have people going hungry due to a lack of what is a ‘natural resource’. A very sad reality that we have come face to face with on more than one occasion. As sad as this is, it has to be said that the kindness through which this can be overcome, is beautiful to witness. We’ve been shown this kindness on more than one occasion by the very same Marius Du Toit and the generous folk of Westgate. It goes beyond what words could ever express and imprints itself deeply to the soul.

This kindness, shows the truth in our motto, indeed “together, we can overcome…”