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“No one should have to live without hope, and we can make sure that they don’t. Those of us who are fortunate enough to live lives of comfort and prosperity are the ones that can provide lifesaving relief to millions. It is our obligation to take the necessary action to offer hope where there is none. It is our responsibility to create opportunity that will transform lives. We must focus our efforts to offer possibilities that do not currently exist for a billion human beings in extreme poverty. To not use our abilities to their fullest in the effort to end suffering is disgraceful. We must use our time and talents to extend hope to those who need it most. To do any less is immoral.” Michael Crawley

There is no doubt that hope is the only thing that can keep people going when surrounded constantly by poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence and a host of other negative situations often experienced in the Rooigrond Informal Settlement area. In such conditions, hope is as necessary as the air one breathes.

All our efforts are geared at providing hope for this community. Through empowering them; through educating the children and all our operations, we seek to give them hope that change will come- that in time the cycle of poverty will be broken and that they too will rise and go beyond their circumstances.


Rising Above Circumstances

Posted: March 22, 2011 in General
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The Rooigrond Informal Settlement in which our operations run is 17kms away from the nearest town, Mafikeng. It has no clinic, police station and even a need as basic as water is a problem. The entire settlement has only two Engine run water pumps, meaning that some are forced to go long distances for water.

However, despite all the difficulties and hardships faced by the community, they are active participants in the move for positive change. Volunteers gladly assist with the collection of the water required to cook for our Daily Feeding Program and often assist our team with the cleaning of the centre. The hope they have within, despite the circumstances they face on a daily basis, is enough inspiration to overcome challenges we meet daily. This community, with their hopes, dreams and willingness to be empowered embody everything we stand for- overcoming.

They truly live up to our motto, “Together, we can overcome…”

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”~Maria Montessori

At Operation: ROOIGROND, we believe in the use of education and empowerment as a means of creating positive change. In April 2010, after seeing the potential in the children of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement, the idea of establishing an Early Learning Centre came about.

The Early Learning Centre would seek to nourish that potential in the children and would also aim to develop their self-determination from a young age, in an effort to ensure that they know and believe that their circumstances do not have to dictate what they become. However, bringing this idea to life wouldn’t be easy. Many thought it an over-ambitious dream and shot it down, we never gave up on the belief that it would happen and each day, whilst stepping through the village and seeing the little children, the belief we had in what we were doing just kept growing.

In May 2010, whilst discussing the plan with a local farmer’s wife, our belief and faith was vindicated. Her husband who happened to overhear our topic of discussion offered to buy building equipment so that an Early Learning Centre could be built. From that moment forth, blessing after blessing poured forth and through partnerships formed with others, the Rooigrond Early Learning Centre was built by the community.

On Monday, the 6th September 2010, the Rooigrond Early Learning Centre opened its doors to 30 learners from the Informal Settlement. It was welcomed with great joy and goes beyond educating the children of the community. The Rooigrond Early Learning Centre has become a symbol of hope to the community, a symbol of how faith coupled with hard work can make things happen…