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Very often interventions in areas like the Rooigrond Informal Settlement are unsuccessful, due to a failure to take into account the contexts of such areas.

The challenges faced there are very different from what the average person faces daily. Overcrowding, going long distances for water; poor, if any, sanitation; amongst many more are the reality of many people in rural contexts. We meet these realities daily, but never has one hit home like the ‘cow incident’ earlier this year.

One evening, shortly after midnight, a knock came to our door and we were informed that a cow had fallen into a toilet. The Fire Brigade was called and believing it to be a hoax, they failed to act. The police had no interest in assisting, which left it up to the community to ensure that this animal was safely removed. Fearing broken limbs, a plan was made to dig a trench around the cow , so as to not have to pull it, thereby causing it more distress. This was successfully done.

The above scenario is something that many, if any person in an urban situation would ever go through. It’s such challenges that need to be understood, in order to understand the rural contexts. Some things we never dream possible, are the daily realities of others.

Instead of judging too harshly, let us remember, we don’t understand what another may be facing that makes them the way they are…