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The Rooigrond Informal Settlement is characterised with poverty, something which can change through education and empowerment. However, education and empowerment require resources, resources which the community has no access to at this point in time.

These resources can be gained through the establishment of a library in the Informal Settlement, something which sounds like a monumental task, but can become a reality of we all work together. The children, youth and community as a whole require access to books and the benefits that go along with them, information and education.

Becoming a part of making this a reality is not difficult at all, anyone can. Start a book collection for our library; help us create networks with potential partners; connect us with people, companies and organisations who could assist with building material, equipment and the furniture required. The means are so many, all u have to do is select that which is most convenient for you, it’s that simple.

The possibilities are endless, if we all work together and a library in the Informal Settlement would not only go a long way in providing a centre of education for the community, but would also create hope- hope for a better future for all.

“Working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats…”~ Unknown

On the 6th of January 2011, the community of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement once more united and for our Project: Clean-up.

The roads used by learners to go to school are filled with bushes and trees which make the area unsafe for them, as they can’t be seen, when walking through there. To combat this, we mobilised the community for what we call, Project: Clean-up. This project would ensure that the bushes, trees and everything else considered to be hazardous would be cleaned up.

The entire community assisted with this and entire families came out in their numbers. Women, children and men all played their part and so much was done. The local school, Madiba Combined School, was also cleaned up.

Parents came in their numbers and the school yard, toilets and classrooms, were also cleaned as part of Project: Clean-up. The entire project was a great success due to the unified effort of the community. Once more, they showed the power of unity and the safety of our children was the reward.