About Operation: ROOIGROND

Operation: ROOIGROND is about facilitating positive change in the community of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement; by utilising education and knowledge as a means to alleviating poverty; eradicating substance abuse; unplanned pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as encourage the formation of partnerships between the community and others. It is also a beautiful way of allowing the community to explore the endless ways in which they can help themselves.

The aim of this project is to establish a library in the community, so as to provide the community with a place in which they can study; gain knowledge and have access to information. This is a very important part of eradicating the problems in the area, as through education, knowledge and information; the negative cycles within the community can be broken. This will encourage learning, education and access to information and will lead to a mental shift with the community.

We also aim to have a fully functioning community centre. This centre will be utilised for educational sessions that will cover topics such as substance abuse, family planning, HIV/AIDS and many other issues that are problems in the community. It will also serve as a rape counselling centre and fulfill a large number of tasks within the community. The positive consequences of having such a centre in the community include, amongst many more, a decrease in issues affecting the area due to an increase in knowledge about these issues; it will have a positive effect on the self esteem of the community and make a positive impact on their self determination, as everything undertaken at the centre will be only empowering the community.

Operation: Rooigrond goes beyond building a library and facilitating positive change. It is about making a difference, bringing hope where there’s none. It is about lighting up a spark in people’s lives, a spark which they in turn would carry to another person leading to a fire within the community; which is bound to spread out and reach society at large.

  1. Katlego Akompe says:

    I will support this project whole heartedly…

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