A Community With No Borders…

Posted: January 31, 2012 in General
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“We must make the paradigm shift from a culture of consumption to one based on service. This must be our legacy…” – Murray Ingram

Through the use of social networks, we have come across a number of wonderful, inspirational people who have made an impact in what we do in various ways. One of our earliest online friends was Murray Ingram.

With his wise words, he inspired our work in many ways and helped us persevere despite the tough times we occasionally face. What fascinated us most about him though is that in a world full of talkers, he is quite a doer and believes that doing is one’s way of talking. We kept on communicating with him, still do and his message is has always been the same; compassion, service, humility and humanity and like Ghandi, he believes that ‘one’s life should be one’s message’.

In 2011, we were pleasantly surprised when he offered to come all the way from Cape Town to see what our humble community initiative was about. Despite the surprise, we gladly accepted, looking forward to his visit. It would be the first time that we meet any of our ‘online friends’ and being believers that “together, we can overcome”, we are always keen to extend our community beyond the confinements of Rooigrond. He came, bringing with him quite an impressive storm- which eventually followed him back and we were honoured to show him around, with our centre being the first stop. He met with members of the community; was shown around and even had the time to teach us a few lessons on meditation and its’ value.

A splendid day we had, shared with a man who has become not only a pillar of wisdom and support, but a friend we hold near and dear- working together towards a common goal, the creation of a better world…


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