…Coming Together…

Posted: December 29, 2011 in General
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As much as we are passionate about what we do, we know that we cannot create positive change on our own, hence our motto, “together, we can overcome”- a motto that reflects our belief that positive change and social transformation can only happen if we all join hands and work together to make it happen.

However, without a doubt there is a serious lack of cooperation amongst communities and organisations in the North-West province. This is caused by a number of factors, with the most notable being that organisations and community initiatives in the province are unaware of each others’ existence. A lack of adequate communication resources and initiatives bringing forces of positive change together has been severely lacking and in many ways it affects the ability of organisations and initiatives to fulfil their mandates as when approached with a matter beyond their scope, they are unable to refer a beneficiary elsewhere, where the person or peope can be assisted.

As such, we were very excited when Connie Legodi-Bogatsu, the community services coordinator of the Mafikeng campus of the North West University, invited us over for a workshop aimed at empowering non-profits and community initiatives. The workshop, organised by Beatrix Bouman- the North West University’s Director of Community Engagement,  saw organisations and initiatives from all over the North-West come together and we saw this not only as an opportunity to be empowered to better service our community- but also to network with others fighting for positive change.

The workshop saw to it that we were all educated on the need and importance of maintaining proper administration systems amongst many other important lessons. It was a great day where we learned a lot which would allow us to better fulfil our respective mandates and also provided us with information which could assist many others. We greatly applaud the university for its contributions to empowering organisations and community initiatives, as many of us- despite our passions are not adequately skilled on the behind the scenes processes inolved. Also, we hope to see many more such workshops happening in the province, as it could go a long way in ensuring that barriers are crossed to allow various forces of positive change in the province to come together- thereby widening the circle of positive change…


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