A ‘Happily Ever After’ in True Rooigrond Style…

Posted: December 17, 2011 in General
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It has been said that “love is temporary madness”, but for Rre Segwedi and MmaNaledi of Rooigrond, love has seen them through the worst and the best years of their lives. This elderly couple, also residents in the Rooigrond Informal Settlement have had a dream of being married officially for many years and with time passing by, their dream of doing so never dimished. However, like many other members of rural,marginalised communities- their chances of doing this were rather slim due to an inability to access the Department of Home Affairs and by virtue of not being registered citizens.

Unlike many other such love stories, theirs had quite a happy ending. Upon us having the Department of Home Affairs over to register our people, not only did the couple apply for their IDs, but they were also legally wed- a dream come true for this couple. Two children and four grandchildren later, they finally officially became Mr. and Mrs. Segwedi to the great delight of the rest of the community.

This happy ending could become a reality for many others in rural, marginalised communities if more such out-reaches could take place and we hope that in time they will, making such services accessible to all…


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