For the Love of Golden Stars F.C. fans

Posted: April 28, 2011 in General
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“I am because you are” is a saying that many of us are familiar with. Yet very few live it the way Golden Stars F.C. does.

There is no doubt that the team would not be where it is, if it was not for the continuous support of their loyal fans. The way the community of the Rooigrond Informal Settlement goes all out to support the team, gives great hope that it will continue to grow in every imaginable way…

We salute every fan who has walked long distances to support the team during outside games. We salute every fan who braves the scorching sun or unbearable cold to support the team. We salute each and every fan who has in anyway supported the team since it came into existence. Without their support, Golden Stars F.C, would find it so much harder to continue this journey…

  1. Ephraim says:

    As an avid follower of your work, I must admit; I do appreciate your holistic approach. I just love how you use everything from sport to education to empower the community. Great stuff!!!

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