Making a Sustainable Difference

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Events, Uncategorized
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All South Africans have a right to be registered and no-one can refuse that right. However, for those in poverty, exercising that right often poses serious challenges, due to the costs involved. As such, many who are poor are not registered, which denies them access to many services. Unregistered children have no access to healthcare and schooling, adults too are denied many rights, if without this documentation.

As part of our path to empower the community, we realised that enabling them to access services denied to them was necessary. Many of the community members, particularly the elderly and children were without registration documents. The Department of Home Affairs was reached out to. An out-reach was co-ordinated and Mafikeng SAPS kindly assisted by availing members to assist with the required affidavits, as well as the South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) to assist those in need of social grants.

The people came in their numbers to apply for IDs, birth certificates and social grants. Children were given the opportunity to access some of the rights denied to them and as a whole, the community was empowered in a very sustainable way, as being registered opened so many doors to services previously denied…

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