Food of Hope

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Developments in Rooigrond

“Those who wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world are helping to make ending world hunger a major priority… Together we can end hunger”.~Robert Alan

The Rooigrond Informal Settlement area is an area that is characterised by poverty. Unfortunately, the ones that suffer the most are the children, who often go hungry. The idea for a Feeding Program came about in December 2009 and through the formation of partnerships, this idea became a reality and was implemented. In January 2010, we began feeding 483 children in the Rooigrond Informal Settlement. However, our benefactors have increased, as of the 13th January 2011, we feed 556 children daily.

The children usually come in 2 groups, with the first coming in just after 12h00. This group includes, children not of school going age; children who don’t attend school for some reason or the other and the lower primary school learners. The second group, which comes between 14h00 and 15h00 is the rest of the school children and the more older children in the community.

However, as can be expected from an operation of this magnitude, problems are encountered, but we always explore every possible avenue to overcome these challenges, in an effort to assist in ending hunger. For some of these children, the meal received here is their only meal for the day, hence our drive to overcome challenges faced.

Some of our beneficiaries enjoying their meal

The Feeding Program has indeed been a blessing for the community, as it does much more than just feed the children. It provides a meal that comes with hope, hope for change and hope for a better future for these children…

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